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Unlock Your Full Potential 

Through Coaching

Lovely to meet you!

Unlock Your Potential with Ann-Marie, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Organisational Psychologist.


Overcome obstacles, embrace your goals, and discover your inner light through personalized coaching sessions. Let's start your journey towards self-discovery today.

You're in the right place if you are:

  • Feeling stuck in life, relationships, or career

  • Seeking to make a change for a more fulfilled life

  • Overwhelmed with indecision, procrastination, and self-sabotage in pursuing your goals

Here is how I can help:


Help uncover what stands in your way

Get a better view of what is not serving you and have someone by your side to tackle them 


Challenge your thinking

You are already capable. Its time for you to believe it too


Support you in establishing vision and goals

Create a vision and goals for your own future and learn the steps to achieve them


Provide accountability

Stay focused to make real movement in your goals

Dear Ann-Marie! I think you are an extremely sensitive, loving, inspired and inspiring companion! I felt comfortable with you from the start. Your presence, your honest interest, your clear gaze in which I could see myself reflected, and your empathetic way of asking questions greatly accelerated and broadened my horizons and thus my insights about myself. I could also feel that you do this work with love and passion. Thank you very much for the effective and focused support. I look forward to our next sessions and can highly recommend you and your coaching work.

Inken Renner, Qualified orchestra musician & Certified resonance teacher

Get Started Now

Take your first step in coaching with the FREE Kickstart Your Coaching Journey Guide. 

In this guide, you will gain a deeper understanding on what coaching can do for you. You will also receive a workbook with some essential tools used in co-active coaching such as the Wheel of Life and values brainstorming exercises to gain clarity on where in your life you might feel stuck or unfulfilled and thereby, setting the foundation for your coaching journey.

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